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》If you want to join us, then post here..
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Tue Apr 11, 2017 3:03 am

Game Name (Which game are you applying for - SOF2 or COD4)? Sof2 TiGre
Age? 17
Location (country, city)? Colombia, Bogota
Real Name? Santiago
In-game name (ex names)? Hyde, Soulfx
Reason you would like to join -|WBG|- Clan? It's good clan and have good members
Ex Clans? NsS sR
Why did you leave your last clan? NsS die, and sR IDK, no like that
How long have you played SOF2/COD4 Game? Sof2/4 years
Who invited you to -|WBG|- Clan? Nobody
Do you have any brothers/cousins (and do they play SOF2/COD4 Game)? No
Whom Do you know on -|WBG|- Clan? HoA, David,Kenta,Jormmung
MSN/Skype/FB or some other email so that we can contact you? Facebook Santiago Gomez Fonseca
Do you have a microphone? Yes
(Required for scrims with TeamSpeak 3) yes, But I do not speak much English
Do you have 1fx. anticheat 0.66? ye
Do you have RPM 2.0? Yes
Do you have Fairplay? Yes
What is your FairPlay guid (even an old one which you don't use anymore)? f6ea3
Finally, Have you read the Rules and Regulations? Yes, and good organization in the team!! :) (y)

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-|WBG|- Jormung
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Tue Apr 11, 2017 1:48 pm

Rejected due to Multiclaning !
(and btw hoa is not WBG )

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