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》If you want to join us, then post here..
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Must follow the given process :

Useful and IMPORTANT links to Download Before Joining :

1. RPM 2.0
2. Fairplay
3. 1fx. Anticheat 0.66

-|WBG|- Clan rules :

You need to post your following things given below in posting your interest:

Game Name (Which game are you applying for - SOF2 or COD4)?
Location (country, city)?
Real Name?
In-game name (ex names)?
Reason you would like to join -|WBG|- Clan?
Ex Clans?
Why did you leave your last clan?
How long have you played SOF2/COD4 Game?
Who invited you to -|WBG|- Clan?
Do you have any brothers/cousins (and do they play SOF2/COD4 Game)?
Whom Do you know on -|WBG|- Clan?
MSN/Skype/FB or some other email so that we can contact you?
Do you have a microphone? (Required for scrims with TeamSpeak 3)
Do you have 1fx. anticheat 0.66?
Do you have RPM 2.0?
Do you have Fairplay?
What is your FairPlay guid (even an old one which you don't use anymore)?
Finally, Have you read the Rules and Regulations?

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