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Guides For Better Aim

1) Always aim for the head. 99% of all new players aim way to low. try to aim higher.
never reload in close combat, change gun instead
2) Try to predict where the emeny will come and aim at that spot when you are running.
train to shoot at a spot at a wall and move side to side while keeping the aim at the same spot ( i will make a small flash movie about this soon)
3) Make your own cfg file with the best settings for YOU. my cfg file is good for me but wont be good for you. find the keybinds that is best for your fingers.
4) Try to spectrate some realy good players. I learned SO much by spectrating some good players. learn to move like they do.
5) Try to use the centerview key. just bind a key for centerview ( bind 1 "centerview") then press the key when you are running around on a map. It will show you how high you should aim. dont press the key in a fight. just use it as a guide to see how high you should aim.

Useful Console commands
/refresh-------------------------The same as /recon, but you wont leave server.
/recon---------------------------Reconnects you to the server
/bind a--------------------------Binds a key to a text, (example: /bind 1 say lol)
/tell 0---------------------------Sends a private message to the chosen ID.
/say_team----------------------Talk team only
/stats 0--------------------------Shows the stats of a certain ID
/exec name.cfg----------------Opens a .Cfg file in your RMP map.
/cg_crosshairsize 20----------Re-Size your crosshair
/cg_crosshairRGBA-----------Re-Colors your crosshair when aiming
/cg_crosshairfriendRGBA-----Re-Colors your crosshair when aiming on a teammate
/sound--------------------------Shows first part of default sounds
/sounds2------------------------Shows second part of default sounds
/extrasounds--------------------Shows all server extra sounds
/tokens--------------------------Shows all tokens, (example: #D, #T, #Z)

Talk Tokens

The Chat Tokens
#h your current numerical health
#a your current numerical armour
#d the name of the last player that hurt you
#t the name of the last player that you hurt
#f the name of the closest team-mate
#L your current location
#i the name of your currently equipped handgun
#p name of your currently equipped primary weapon
#s the name of your currently equipped secondary weapon
#g the name of your currently equipped grenade
#e the name of your current equipment (armor, nightvision, infrared)
#b Inserts your current health in a nice bar format
#B Inserts your current armour in a nice bar format

When talking:
!ca-----------Admin Report Talk--(Type !ca message and only admins will see it, you can report cheats via that.
!ct-----------Clan Talk
!cc-----------Clan Only Talk
!at------------Admin Talk
!ac-----------Admin Only Talk
!sc-----------S-Admin Only Talk

How To Own In Soldier Of Fortune 2?

1.Set your graphic settings so that you can maintain 60fps (smooth gameplay) at all times.
2.Make sure your crosshair (aimer) is small. If its too big it will clog up your screen, cover the enemy and give you a harder time aiming.
3.Know the map. By doing so you know where to expect enemies, snipe, take cover and get powerups/weapons.
4.Always carry a shotgun in your inventory. Use it when turning tight corners.
5.Don't spray unless you've been taken by surprise.
6.Fire your AK47 or M4 in quick and small bursts.
7.Learn to aim around the head area if you can with the AK47 or M4.
8.Jump around! Your a harder to hit target like this!
9.In DM servers run for the super weapons (RPG, Grenade Launcher) when they are available.
10.If your a sniper use your Q & E buttons (peak buttons) to get a nice advantage over enemies.
11.Use the grenades! Throw flash bang grenades after holding them for 5 seconds around corners or near enemies. If your running away from an enemy, block a hall, gate or area you got passed with a incendiary grenade. Use smoke grenades if your pinned down by a sniper or in a small area to get a slight advantage over your enemy when he is near you.
Take your chances and throw a grenade in a area where you think there can be a enemy. You never know!
12.Surprise enemies! This is one of the best tactics I know. Do whatever you know that the enemy won't be prepared for that is effective against them. (ex. camping in a different area, being known for running away but surprising enemies by being right around a corner with a shotgun, being where they don't expect you, etc)

1.If you want to make a makeshift grenade launcher, get a grenade and hold the fire/trigger button (typically your left-click button) for 5-7 seconds. Release the fire button, now when your grenade hits the ground it should explode almost immediately depending on the distance you threw it.
2.The M1911A1 pistol is not as good as the SOCOM mk.23 pistol so don't use the M1911A1. It only shoots slower.
3.If your stalking a enemy, make sure you can kill him quickly and without missing either with a knife, a good shot to the head with a sniper or from point blank range with a shotgun.
4.If your running away from an enemy, keep running and at the same time throw a grenade on the ground right under you. If timed correctly, your enemy should run over it and get blown to pieces :)
5.Shoot at players (even if you do or don't know they're on your time) if FF is off. 6.Therefore you can determine if a player is your friend/foe when you can't tell.

Enemies will learn your tactics so keep them fresh and varied.
Don't stalk your enemies for too long or they'll find you out sooner or later!
Don't hack/spam/insult players. It only distracts you and others.
Ask if FF is on or off (so you don't kill your team mates).
If FF is on don't shoot at everything that moves. Think a little then shoot.

Binds For Scrim

If You Are Playing With These Buttons
W(Run),A(Turn left),S(Move Back),D(Turn Right),X(Jump),C(Crouch),Q(Lean Left0,E(Lean Right)

1- /bind z say_team Died At #L By #D (Press z When You Die Your Team Players Will Know Where You Die)
2- /bind alt say_team !!!Base Base Base HOLD !!! (Press alt when you die at Base Or See An Enemy On Base)
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Gooood job bro very useful options and suggtestions .:D

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thanks a lot buddy :)

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yeah nice1

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