Read me before you submit your application

》If you want to get Admin in our servers then you have to apply here...
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Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:41 am

You have to submit your application for Admin by following format which is given below -

Real Name? -
Age? -
Your Game, SOF2/COD4? -
IGN or In Game Name? -
Contact Mail or Social ID? -
Server Name or IP? -

After submitting your application you have to wait until one of our HC member will lead you get it.

Rules -

* You can not abuse of your admin power on server(s).

* If you punished someone for hacks or something else then first get proof then you are free to do it.

* If you abused your admin power then it will instantly get removed by our HC and you will no longer access of admin power again or you could get permanent ban from our servers.

* If you will be an active & responsible admin in our server(s) then you might get promoted to Server-Admin.

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