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The Recruitment Process of -|WBG|- Clan

Posted: Sun May 01, 2016 7:41 pm
by -|WBG|- Clan
We have an easy process to join the clan. All it requires is your patience!

The Process :

We have a waiting period of at-least 1 or 2 weeks before you can wear -|WBG|- tags before your name. The waiting time basically starts when your Joining Application has been posted. During these weeks, Our Recruitment Team members will observe you for a number of things which includes monitoring your attitude over our rules. You must be patient and your gaming skills might as well be tested. You would have to wear -|WBT|- tags before your name during the waiting period before you earn your -|WBG|- tags. [-|WBT|- should be colored like this for Sof2 game.

Note : You must also use an Anti-Cheat software recommended by our clan so we know that you're not cheating.

- The clan website is our home so do not consider yourself getting into the clan without visiting it.
- You must also stay active on our website and follow your applications.
- Getting to know other members of the clan is recommended.
- You must also have read the rules and comply with them.
- The Clan Founder and Leaders have the authority to directly give the membership to anyone.

Note : When you earn your -|WBG|- tags, access to Clan Only Section + The Squad Sections would be activated for you. Please read the Posted Announcements in the Clan Only Sections.

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